2020-2021 Suspension of Exchanges Due to COVID-19

Sadly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to suspend the District 5450 Rotary Youth Exchange program for the 2020-21 academic year. There will be no inbound or outbound academic year exchanges during that school year. Those outbound students that were accepted and placed in a host country for that year have been informed of this decision and have been advised of the option(s) available in the future.
It is our intention to restart the program for the 2021-22 academic year and the short-term program in summer 2021, barring unforeseen circumstances related to the pandemic. See the Calendar for dates related to next year’s exchange deadlines. (Dates will be released by the end of the summer, applications and interviews are held in the fall for the next school year).


Students who are outbound or would like to go on an exchange.


Students from across the globe who are spending time in District 5450.


Returning students who have previously gone on an outbound exchange.

About Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange

Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange is made up of volunteers from Rotary District 5450. Our Rotary District is geographically centered by the Denver-metro area and extends along the I-25 corridor from Mead to Castle Rock and extends from Summit County and Grand County in the west to Fort Morgan and Brush in the east. The map to the right shows the counties in Colorado that make up each of the Rotary Districts.

The first step to applying to be a Rotary Exchange Student is to request an application and to contact your local Rotary Club for an interview. Then students recommended by their local club will be interviewed by the 5450 District Committee. Students selected to participate in the program will then be placed with one of our partner Rotary Youth Exchange Committees.
Map of rotary districts (5440, 5450 and 5470) in the state of colorado. 5540 is the northern most part of the state, 5450 is the Denver Metro, Boulder, Summit County and Grand County, 5470 is roughly the lower 2/3rds of the state.

If you are interested in going abroad or becoming involved with Rotary Youth Exchange and you do not live in our district, you will need to contact your local Rotary District.

Rotary Zone 26-27 Map of the western United States
Rotary Zone 25B and 19 Map of part of Texas and most of the midwestern states in the US
Rotary Zone 30 and 31 Map of southern rotary districts
Rotary Zone 28 and 32 Map of Northeast US and Canada

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“My daughter took charge of her life through this process, and walked on to the airplane with her head held high. A year later we decided to host a student in our home. My daughter really wanted to show the kindness that others had shown her. Our whole family benefitted from getting to know another brave, world traveler!”
Small RMRYE Parent
Lisa Dierauf
Parent of Outbounder, Host Mom
“I always was interested in doing an exchange, but Rotary seemed to make my dream come true.”
Lena Kratky
Inbound from Austria, 2014-15
“No matter how you get involved, Rotary Youth Exchange is an opportunity to open your arms to the world. We turn people into Global Citizens, and I’m not just talking about the students.”
Small RMRYE Rotarian
Chad Stamm
Boulder Rotary Club, District Committee Member
“My experiences in Lima are so profound and incredible I don’t even know what to think of them sometimes. Everything about my year was perfect, even the terrible and uncomfortable times. Now I am an extremely adaptable person and I am super open to everything. I am still talking to my friends a couple times a week and my families a couple times a month. They will all stay with me for the rest of my life, which is so cool! When people ask me about Peru, I tell them that it was like having a whole life in a year.”
Soren Fuchs
Outbound to Peru, 2014-15