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Short Term Exchange Program:

The Short Term Exchange Program, or STEP, is an excellent opportunity for students to improve foreign language skills while school is not in session. STEP exchanges vary in length from several days to several weeks, but even outside of an academic setting, exchanges can often tailored to match the interests of the student or include tours of specific places or regions.

The two most common types of short-term exchanges in District 5450 are the family-to-family exchanges and the international youth camps. STEP offers a great alternative for students who cannot or don’t wish to go abroad for a full school year as part of the Long Term Exchange Program (LTEP). STEP also provides a great opportunity for future LTEP students to prepare for such an assignment.

Family-to-Family Individual Exchanges

In a family-to-family (F2F) individual exchange, matched students spend part of their vacation with each other and with each others’ families.  We have established F2F exchange contacts with certified Rotary districts in Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, and the U.K. However, we are happy to inquire with certified Rotary districts in any country – the Rotary Youth Exchange program is active in over 100 countries and geographical areas — with which the applicant wishes to exchange in an effort to place the applicant in a good home in his or her country of choice. The inquiries may not always result in an exchange.

After we receive the application of a District 5450 applicant, a local Rotary club must agree to sponsor the applicant.    If the local club is willing to vouch for the good character and suitability of the applicant and family, we will begin communicating with Rotary officials in the applicant’s country of choice with the goal of finding a suitable match (gender, age, interests, etc.). When a match is offered, the families should immediately begin communicating with each other to determine if the pairing is suitable to them. Use e-mail, Skype with video, and other tools of modern communication to assess the suitability.  Do not make a decision based on the application alone, but rather communicate before deciding. You must act quickly, but the assessment should be thorough.

If you choose not to exchange in a particular situation, allow the STEP Coordinator to convey the news to ensure that the situation is handled appropriately. We will attempt to find another proposed match in a different part of the country or in another country of choice. The families develop the details of the exchange; for instance, how long it will last (generally, not less than two weeks in each country), which student will travel first to meet the host family, the family activities that the students will engage in while they’re together in one country and then the next, etc. Travel visas are generally not required.


Tours and camps serve as a fulfilling opportunity for students to learn about a particular country or location. To learn about camp and tour opportunities as they become available, be sure to check back with RMRYE or subscribe to our mailing list. Once the sponsored applicant has identified a particular camp having available openings, we generally must act quickly to reserve a place.

Summer 2018: The Brazilian Multi-District is hosting a camp from 7/28-8/8/2018.

The cost is $1,600 plus airfare. Campers need to be between 15 and 19 years old. Applications must be submitted to Brazil by the end of May, you should contact Scott by mid-April. There is also the option to add a 3-4 week family to family exchange at the beginning or end of the camp. Please contact Scott White for more information.

Summer 2018: Taiwan Cultural Camp

The Taiwan cultural camp will be held from July 13 through July 30 for students aged 18 through 25. The goal is to gather young people from various countries, creating better international understanding and to provide learning about the way of life in Taiwan.


Family-to-Family Short Term Exchange Program

Sean, Switzerland 2014-15 (Photo from Brussels)

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