Will It Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?

Yes, it will. More than any other Rotary program, Rotary Youth Exchange promotes goodwill between nations regardless of race, religion, politics, culture, and even cuisine.

You can help interview potential outbound students, vet host families for inbound students, promote the program to outbounders and help secure enrollment for inbound students in your local schools, assist your club’s inbound students with transportation and events, and much more.

Whether you’re already familiar with the program, have a desire to promote international friendships, or have even just seen the benefits of international travel in your own life, consider joining the Rotary Youth Exchange team in some capacity.

Interested in working with Rotary Youth Exchange?

Consider these activities and positions.

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Assist Your Club's Youth Exchange Committee
Become a Club Counselor
Become a YEO
Join the District Committee

Access all internal District Committee documents with your user name and password.