Your Exchange Doesn’t Have to End.

When you go on a Rotary Youth Exchange and return back to the United States, you are officially considered a “rebounder.”  This comes with a whole new set of opportunities.

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As you may know by now, getting off the plane in your home country can often be more difficult than when you got off the plane in your host country almost a year ago. Time flies, doesn’t it? You’re probably looking for ways to “continue your exchange,” and one of those ways is to be around other students who have similar experiences.

This page is designed to help you rebound from your experience and encourage continued participation in the program.

Want to reconnect and “continue your exchange”?
Consider these ideas and suggestions.

Host an Inbounder

One of the best ways to build on the experience you just had abroad is to help facilitate someone else’s experience. Talk to your family, and consider hosting one of our incoming students during the next school year.

Join Us at an RMRYE Event

There are many opportunities throughout the year to rejoin the RMRYE family. From meeting new inbound students at our Welcome Picnic in August to helping next year’s outbound students prepare for their adventures, you’re always welcome to “continue your exchange” right here in District 5450. And you’ll most likely get the chance to meet an inbound student from the country from where you just returned.

Connect on Social Media

Stay connected with rebounders from your class and other classes. Meet the inbound students who are in Colorado from across the globe. Talk to current students preparing to go abroad next year. Connect with these groups and more on social media.

RMRYE 15/16 Facebook Page

RMRYE Facebook Page

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