Rotary Youth Exchange Vocabulary

Not sure what we mean? Here’s a list of important Rotary Youth Exchange vocabulary words and phrases to help you through your journey.

What is RMRYE?

RMRYE stands for Rocky Mountain Rotary Youth Exchange. We’re a 501(C)3 for Rotary Youth Exchange within District 5450.

What is LTEP?

LTEP stands for Long Term Exchange Program. This is the signature program of Rotary Youth Exchange.

What is STEP?

STEP stands for Short Term Exchange Program. This is a great way to experience another culture without spending an entire academic year abroad.

The Experience of a Lifetime

What you can make of any one of Rotary’s youth exchange programs.


A youth exchange program participant sent abroad by RMRYE to live, study, visit, or intern is known as an outbounder.


A program participant sent here to District 5450 by a foreign Rotary district to live, study, visit, or intern is known as an inbounder.


A program participant who has returned home from a youth exchange assignment. This term describes the student whose assignment ended earlier than anticipated, as well as the full-term student whose assignment ended when expected.


An exchange program alumnus or alumna.

Sponsoring Rotary Club

The sponsoring club helps assess the good character and suitability of the applicant for the exchange program. Sponsorship means establishing a caring relationship with the candidate and family. The cost to a club to sponsor is minimal, but the rewards can be great as the club follows the progress of the student through what is often a life-transforming experience. Clubs that sponsor outbound LTEP students need not host inbound LTEP students.

Rotary District

A district is a group of Rotary clubs that are linked for administrative purposes. Districts may sometimes join together to form multidistricts that coordinate exchanges in a larger geographic area.