The Ultimate Experience

The thought of sending your child halfway around the world to a new country where they don’t know anyone and can barely speak the language is a scary proposition. But if you’ve read to this point, you probably know it’s the right thing to do.

A Leap of Faith

A leap of faith is a good way to think about it. First, you have to trust your child. Does he or she have the desire and ability to thrive in a situation that requires him or her to be adaptable. Second, you have to trust the program, and for the record, Rotary Youth Exchange is the largest and one of the most established available. Finally, you have to trust yourself. Are you truly capable of letting your child go?

What Will Happen to My Child?

While every situation is different, there’s a high probability your child will return more worldly, more mature, and more capably of living an independent life.

Your Child Might Return With This Attitude

A look into the Rotary Youth Exchange experience.

Have a child heading abroad or currently overseas?

Consider these ideas and suggestions.

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A Fictional Mother's Letter to Her Outbound Son