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Long Term Exchange Program:

The Long Term Exchange Program, or LTEP, is the signature Rotary Youth Exchange program that allows high school and gap-year students to live abroad and study for an academic year. Students should be prepared to commit 10 to 12 months as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Long Term Exchange Program.

As administered by RMRYE, LTEP is open to applicants in District 5450 between the ages of 15 years and six months, and 18 years and six months at the time of departure from the United States. Please note, however, that some of our exchange partners may impose age guidelines and regulations that are different from District 5450. This means that even when a student is compliant with RMRYE age requirements, he/she may not be accepted in a district with which we exchange.


Students sent by RMRYE to live abroad are known as “outbounders”.  With the exception of students assigned to Southern Hemisphere countries, they are required to arrive in their host countries shortly before the start of the host-country school year. While the arrivals happen most often in late July and early August, outbounders to the Philippines will arrive as early as May, and outbounders to Spain or Turkey will arrive as late as September.

The school year in South America normally begins in February and ends in December, and many schools typically function on the trimester system. The first trimester begins in February and ends in June. The second begins in June and ends in September. The third begins in September and ends in December. Summer vacation happens during part of the December-through-February period.

RMRYE’s South American exchange partners run their programs to accommodate the large number of exchange students arriving from the Northern Hemisphere and wishing to sync their exchanges with their home school year. Those students will typically arrive in July, close to the start of the second trimester. RMRYE outbounders with flexible school schedules have the option to sync their South American exchanges with the South American school year.

Outbounders are sponsored by Rotary clubs.  The sponsoring clubs establish a friendly relationship with the exchange student and his or her family before, during, and after the assignment.  The cost to a club to sponsoring is minimal, but the rewards can be great as the club follows the progress of the student through what is often a life-transforming experience.  Clubs that sponsor need not host inbound exchange students.


Long Term Exchange Program

Ailish, Argentina 2013-14

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