Host Family Interview – Family

Spring/Summer 2023: We are revising the host family application process & migrating to a new system for the application, training, and background checks. We apologize for any duplicate steps during this updated! If you have hosted in the past, you might recognize these are the questions the YEO asked in person, we are now requesting you to submit this information to reduce the time needed for the in home interview from 2+ hours to something more reasonable.

We also understand this form is long & some of the questions are a bit strange. Of course you have running water!
But we still need to ask all the questions on this page as a J-1 Secondary School Sponsor with the US Department of State and as a certified Rotary International Youth Exchange District. Interested in the minutia of the J-1 Visa program? Check out the list of family questions in the federal register. Otherwise continue below to submit this information to your YEO.

Home Interview steps

  1. Complete this form in advance of the in home interview with the YEO. This form will be automatically sent to the YEO, the Country Contact, and the district. At the end of the form, you will need to submit photos of your home (outside, kitchen, living room, the bedroom & bathroom the student will use).
  2. Schedule the in home interview with the YEO.
  3. Complete an in-home interview, all members of the family should be present, with the YEO. During the in home interview they will review your answers, and may need to ask some follow up questions. They will then submit the YEO Host Family Interview form.