File A Student MAAD Report

MAAD: Monthly, Arrival, Ad Hoc, Departure

Both inbound and outbound Rotary Youth Exchange students are required to fill out a report upon arrival, at the first of each month, when departing, and during times when the student feels it necessary to report his or her experiences.
Complete the reports as completely as possible by entering the information below.

Student MAAD Report

  • Any Rotary meetings, presentations, charity events, community-service events attended?
  • School activities, sporting events, social clubs, special events, etc.
  • Any contact from your home Rotary club or with other exchange students?
  • Anything you want to share? Problems, brags, travel, issues.
  • Tell us an insight that you've gained. Outbounders, write something in your-host country language! Inbounders, teach us something in your mother tongue. Etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.